Thursday, February 27, 2020

The war in syria and its consequences on lebanon Research Paper

The war in syria and its consequences on lebanon - Research Paper Example lion attacks during the war hence making it further impossible for the people in Syria to access basic amenities like school and hospitals (White, 15). At the same time, the warring parties assaulted civilians by using mass weapons for destruction like chemical guess. Following that, there have been a great number of Syrians moving out of the country to Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon. Lebanon became home to a large number of refugees from Syria owing to the fact that it has the longest border with Syria. Following that, Lebanon has been an integral player as a consequence of the dynamics of the war in Syria (Barnes-Dacey, 15). This paper will tackle the issues that have arisen following the upsurge of refugees in the Lebanon borders and Lebanon as a country. At the same time, the paper will tackle various aspects in relation to the effect of the Syria’s civil war on Lebanon. Government instability following divided support of the war in Syria, which has been instigated by the fact that in the top leadership of the Lebanon, both pro - al Assad and pro - rebel groups do exist. The part will involve a brief information on the war in Syria siting its effects and causes. At the same time, the section will shade light on the role of Lebanon in the war, bringing out the reason as to why it plays an integral role in the Syrian war. In addition, the section will seek to understand the relationship that has been in place between Syria and Lebanon over a couple of years. This is important in determining the dynamics of the relationship of the two countries from pre-war and during the warring time. This paper will establish the importance the information obtained from the study on the international point of view about the war. At the same time the paper will highlight the importance of the information on both the Syrian and Lebanon authorities. Perhaps this will make them make better decisions that might help in mitigating the effects of the war. Lastly, it

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