Thursday, November 21, 2019

Apply The Prescribed Ethical Decimation Making Model (P.30 ) Using The Essay

Apply The Prescribed Ethical Decimation Making Model (P.30 ) Using The case California Parks Department Scandal - Essay Example In his model, Cooper further explains the consequences of the individual decisions and alternatives. In fact, Cooper is very clear that the consequences are in four broad categories, that is, Moral Rule, Ethical Principle, Rehearsal of Defenses, and Anticipatory Self-Appraisal (Cooper, 2012). These are the virtues that an individual holds, in most cases they are propelled by religious convictions, evolution of the conscience, and the fear of being caught and being exposed. Lopez was faced with an ethical problem whose first alternative would have had a moral rule that he had a criminal record in the past and he in that he participated in hiding the parks funds. In whatever way the Lopez would try to justify his deeds, the moral judgment in either case would be that he be fired and prosecuted for having a hand in mismanaging public money. It was apparent that Lopez even had a share of the funds for himself. Ethical principles by far falls under the category of the outlined codes of conducts in this case those of a public officer. In fact, these codes are extensively spelt out in the constitution, which public officers must obey or else be prosecuted. It is expected that any public officer is conversant with these laid down guidelines. As such, Lopez acted contrary to the ethical codes he is expected to safeguard and uphold. Consequently, being delegated for such an office is an honor and the public officer is expected to serve the public’s interest first rather than act on personal gains. Lopez, has the alternatives named earlier, however, whatever alternative he chooses will lead to on ethical principle consequence; be fired from holding any public office and be prosecuted for acting centrally to the ethical codes knowingly. In this element the administrators is expected to asses and align the alternatives they have and this should be guided by the norms of the organization as well as the involved political forces. The results of cases that are

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